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Selling Your House: 8 Things Every Seller Should Know

The process to selling your house can be quick and painless. However, there are many responsibilities and sources of stress to the seller. Though some problems are inevitable when selling a home,  some can be prevented when one is educated on the subject. Here is a list of 8 things every seller should know before listing their house on the market

  • You Have To Keep Your House Clean At All Times.                                                                                                                                                                          

There will be frequent calls on short notice to show your house. You must be ready to have a ready and willing buyer to stop by and see your home at a minute’s notice. No leaving your shoes or mail out. You have to think about all the little things and be ready to fix them. If someone wants to come over for a showing, you must be ready to get up and leave

  • Buyers Are Very Picky.                 

 You might think your house is perfect and is good enough for you, buyers may think otherwise, and they are not always shy and will let you know. They may have not liked the paint, the floors, they always have something to say.

  • Selling Your House Could Take Awhile.                                                                                                                                                                                               

   The truth is, most of the time, the process to sell your house fast, is not so fast. It may be a while before offers come in and take even longer to get an offer your willing to take. There is also the closing. It could take up to 45 days after going under contract to close if the buyer is getting a loan.

  • Having Pets Makes Everything Harder.                    

 If you have a cat or a dog, you will need to take precautions to make sure it doesn’t go running out the door during showings or open houses. You want to have your house the most desirable house a buyer has seen! That means they want to go into your house in peace and not worry about pets escaping, dogs barking, or smelling pet waste.

  • Expect A Lot of Time Wasters.               

It is exciting to get showings, but there are sometimes just looky loo’s. You sometimes get curious people who have no interest in buying a home. Open houses can be great to bring potential buyers, but they also bring nosy neighbors, passerbyers and or people looking for a snack. Keep in mind that not everyone is a serious buyer.

  • Don’t Skip The Marketing.        

You may think all you need to do is stick a sign in your yard and the buyers will come running. Au contraire. You need internet advertising, you need the power of tools that only a Realtor can offer, you need postcards, emailing, flyers and a constant renewal of your home being marketed

  • Don’t Get Emotionally Involved.                                                                          

Yes, it’s your house and you think it’s perfect. But, that doesn’t make it someone else’s “perfect,” especially if you’ve made some unique decisions regarding decor.

  • Don’t Ignore Your Agent’s Advice.     

 A real estate agent is a professional. When she or he tells you that you’ll get a better offer more quickly if you’ll declutter, stage your home, make certain updates or repairs, it’s a proven truth. Buyers are more negative when they see homes that need work, and tend to make offers or withhold offers based on their feelings.



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